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Conditions of use

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Privacy policy

Before you use our Website, please note that we take data privacy and security seriously and endeavour to follow applicable industry best practices to safeguard your data.

We only access and store the data necessary to perform the services offered, and it is our practice to delete sensitive data shortly after the related client has completed using our services.

We will never sell your data - not for advertising, not for marketing, nor for any other purpose.

We share data only with the third-parties that are necessary to perform the core services provided by our Website and to understand how our Website is used.

If Address Geocoding is selected during your deduplication process then address data will be sent to MapBox for geocoding. You can read their Privacy Policy here.

Payments are processed through Stripe. We don't store any of your credit card or payment data. You can read their Privacy Policy here.

Error monitoring is provided by Rollbar. You can read their Privacy Policy here.

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User accounts

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Applicable law

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Refunds & cancellations

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Limitation on liability

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