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Select a List and choose some options, then Deduplicator will find and merge the dupes in our NationBuilder data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process starts with you creating a List in NationBuilder. You might choose to create a List with your entire database, or you can create a list excluding people that you don't want de-duplicated (high value donors, VIP supporters, etc.)

For a record to be eligible for de-duplication, they need to have a first and last name. Depending on the options you choose, they may also need a phone number or an address.

There are some limitations on who can be merged, which gets pretty specific and technical. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about that.

Once you've created the List, you can sign-in to Deduplicator and select your options. The options are described on the setup page.

Deduplicator will create an Export from the List you created, and import the data for processing.

Then we'll analyze the records to identify the potential duplicates. Once it's done, you'll have an opportunity to remove or edit matches before continuing with the automatic merging process.

If you have any questions along the way, you can contact us.

You don't pay anything to run the initial analysis and see what duplicates are found, so feel free to try it out.

  • Free for up to 50 dupes! Happy to help.
  • $0.50 per dupe for the first 1,000 found.
  • $0.25 per dupe for the next 9,000 found.
  • $0.10 per dupe for the rest.

The address geocoding option costs an additional $0.05 per dupe found. All prices are in CAD 🇨🇦.

Duplicates can be identified in a variety of ways, and you'll get to choose your options when you start the process.

The most basic form of duplicate matching looks for records with the same name, and either the same address, phone number or canonical email address. If both records have a date of birth or any unique IDs, they must match.

More advanced matching options include:

  • Fuzzy Matching names so similar names will be matched.
  • Address Geocoding to identify addresses that are geographically close.
  • Wildcard Empties which will find matches with the same name even if one of the records has no address or no phone number.

If you have any questions along the way, you can contact us.

Once you've reviewed the matches and started the automatic merge process, the each match will be sent to NationBuilder's Merger API. NationBuilder will merge the "Matching Record" into the "Primary Record". Generally speaking, if both records have some data in the same field (eg. name, employer, etc.), the Primary Record's data will be kept and the Match Record's data will be erased.

Email addresses will never be overwritten or erased. If the two records have a total of more than 4 email addresses, the merger will fail.

If both records have a value in the same address field (ie. Home Address), the Primary Record's address will be kept.

At the end of the automatic merger process, you will get a report of which mergers failed, and the reason why. That will allow you to manually resolve those issues and merge the records.

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